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Frank Peterson
Since 1984
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McKinney, TX
About Tick n' Time
I have been repairing clocks for over 30 years.  Many clocks
brought in are family heirlooms and hold much sentiment.  One of
the blessings of the business is the stories I hear from the proud
owners of these clocks.  I could write a book with the many stories
I've heard.  The restoration of clocks is much more than a
business.  It is a privilege to restore the clocks to working order
knowing they will keep time for many more years.  Each clock is
cleaned and repaired as though it is a part of
 Tick n' Time's family
history. What a great feeling when a clock starts "ticking" again,
counting off the precious minutes of life.

Every clock that I repair is treated the same.  The movement is
totally disassembled and cleaned.  Each of the many parts is
individually cleaned by hand and thoroughly inspected for any flaws
or defects.  All of the gears are put on the lathe and spun to ensure
the shafts are straight and each pivot at the end of the shaft is
polished and buffed.  All bushings in the clock plates are cleaned
and inspected.  If there is out of tolerance wear, a new bushing is
fitted into the plate and properly fit up to the corresponding pivot.  
Each wheel is individually fit between the clock plates to ensure
proper freedom to turn as designed.  After all wheels have been
individually inspected, the gear trains are installed and checked for
proper running characteristics.  Then when all is satisfactory, all
parts are reinstalled and set up.  Each movement is then timed out
in the shop on a test stand for at least a week to ensure proper

Clock repair is a time consuming tedious process that should not
be rushed or hurried along.  
Tick n' Time takes pride in superior
workmanship when repairing all clocks.  Every repair carries a
1 (one) year warranty on all new parts and labor.