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Floor Clocks
Floor clocks, more commonly known as
Grandfather or Grandmother clocks, always set in
a place of honor in the home.  It is not only a
special time piece but a beautiful piece of furniture.

Usually when a floor clock does not run properly or
stops, it is because it needs to be cleaned.  I will
come to your home and inspect the clock to
determine what is required to fix it.  If it needs the
usual cleaning, the clock movement is removed
from the case along with the weights and pendulum
and taken to the repair shop.
(The case is NOT
removed from your home.)
The movement is totally
disassembled, cleaned and each of the many parts  
is inspected before being reassembled.  The clock
is then put on a test stand in the shop and run for at
least a week to ensure everything is working
properly before returning it to your home.  The
movement, weights and pendulum are reinstalled
into the case and adjusted to run properly.

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