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Wall Clocks
Many years ago, wall clocks were
considered the most common and the most
utilized clocks. The town jewelry store
always had a wall clock, usually a
Regulator, hanging so all who walked by the
store could see the clock from the street.
This was the official town timepiece that
everyone used to set their pocket watches.  
Each morning the jeweler would set his
pocket watch by the Western Union
telegraph at the train depot.  He would
return to his store and ensure his wall clock
had the correct time.  Every dry goods
store, feed store, food market etc. had a
large wall clock for all to see when
shopping.  Every school had a clock in the
classroom(s) and as such were and are
called schoolhouse clocks.  These were all
a similar shape with a large face and a
pendulum that was visible through glass.  
Very few of the old originals are still around
but modern manufacturers still make
schoolhouse clocks.

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The Regulator Clock
Antique German Wall Clock
Antique German Wall Clock